An innovative new product which simplifies refuelling vehicles in a range of applications. STR Racing Products have designed this product with a 1.5m hose. This product allows effortless refuelling and minimises chances of spillage. This significantly reduces the chances of fuel spillage.


Key Features
• Transfer fuel, water or any non-corrosive liquid from one vessel to another
• Rapid pump rate of 7.5 litres / minute (1.6 gallons / minute)
• Pump over 1000 litres on a single set of batteries
• User friendly on/off switch
• 465mm long suction tube, ability to pump out from deep fuel containers
• Suitable for use with all jerry cans with a 31.5mm fuel neck or larger
• This product is CE approved

The product fits inside universal jerry cans (metal or plastic) and is commonly used for refuelling vehicles in motorsport applications. Fuel Wand… it does the trick.

Not recommended for use with Diesel, can reduce performance of unit.


Required 2 x D cell batteries (these are not included)