TMR BriSCA F2 / 2ltr Hot Rod / Kit Car Zetec Sump Kit

  • Fully CNC Laser cut and folded, parts where gasket sits are formed using a press tool for repeated accuracy.
  • Colour Film Passivate Zinc Plated for corrosion protection inside and outside.
  • Welded using both TIG and MIG procedures for oil tightness and strength.
  • Conforms to BriSCA F2 regs, is suitable for use in 2Lt Hotrods and can also be used in many kit car applications.
  • Pick up pipe is scratch made and tig welded, includes support strap and support strap stud which is CNC machined from high tensile steel. Also includes pick up pipe gasket.
  • Slimline shape allows any starter to fit and capacity is 4.5l.
  • Windage (Baffle) Tray is fully removable, enabling faster and more thorough cleaning when rebuilding.
  • Baffle system is designed to direct oil towards oil pickup and retain it there.
  • Cork nitrile gasket is CNC cut and shaped to help avoid parts breaking up into sump.
  • We have taken every step to ensure our setups are of the highest of quality, they have been dyno and rolling road tested and are used and approved by main engine builders.

Recommended fitting tips:

Use Loctite 270 Threadlocking Adhesive on all threads.

Use Victor-Reinz Reinzosil 300c Universal Silicone Sealant on both sides of gasket face.

  • Wash out with spirits or fuel and tighten sump plug before use.
  • Ensure thread holes in block are clean and all surfaces.
  • Smear approx. 2mm bead on both gasket faces.
  • Threadlock all bolts.
  • DO NOT overtighten gasket. Use torque wrench to correct setting when spanner checking.

Recommended torque settings:

  • Pickup Pipe support stud 90N/m
  • Pickup Pipe flange bolts 12N/m
  • Sump bolts 16N/m