We no longer weld this kit together, so that you can get pedal length and positioning exactly as you want.

The instructions below should help with assembly.

  1. Tack chassis brackets in place.
  2. Cut pedal bar centre down to correct length and drill for lynch pins.
  3. Cut pedal tubes to length.
  4. Cut pedals to desired length if necessary and tack into position along with foot pads.
  5. Position all 3 pedals in line and in OFF position.
  6. Tack weld top tabs into position. Throttle tab is made from round bar (Cable runs through bar and is then retained with split pin).
  7. Once this is all in place you can weld the chassis tabs in place.

Throttle cable tab needs to 60mm from chassis tab to pedal tab.

Clutch cable tab needs to 125mm from chassis tab to pedal tab.

Brake tab needs to 125mm from chassis master cylinder plate to pedal tab.