Wilwoods side mount Compact Combination Master Cylinders have been fully redesigned for limited space applications requiring the output capacity of a full size master cylinder.

The cylinder kit can be mounted with the reservoir on the master cylinder body directly or with the reservoir positioned remotely and connected via a flexible hose.

  • Over 2″ additional clearance – Compared to full size combination master cylinders, the ultra short 3.37″ compact body provides 2.16″ of additional clearance.
  • No Loss of volume or stoke capacity – A full 1.12″ of piston stroke meets or exceeds the stroke capacity of most full size cylinders
  • Simplified plumbing – 1/8″NPT outlets privide a positive seal and reduce the potential for stripped threads.
  • Simplified bleeding – Fluid outlet ports located at the top radius of the cylinder bore reduce the chances for trapped air and eliminate the need for body mounted bleed srews.
  • Instant response – Extreme close tolerance cut-off and equalistaion ports deliver immediate activation without wasted pedal travel.
  • Positive release – Extra heavy rate internal return springs provide smooth operation and firm, positive release.
  • Cool Running – Reduced external surface area and a composite fluid reservoir minimise absorption of external radiant heat.
  • Tested tough – Proven durable with piston, bore and seal designs tested to survive over 100,000 cycles.
  • Versatile – Four mounting options with choices for direct or remote mounting of 7 or 10 ounce reservoirs that include an impact resistant threaded cap with an internal baffle and seals.
  • Corrosion free – Black E-Coated aluminium bodies resists corrosion and maintains a durable long lasting finish.